Filipinos from around Australia came to witness the first-ever address of a Philippine President to the Parliament of Australia on Thursday. 🇵🇭🇦🇺 Prime Minister Anthony Albanese welcomed President Bongbong Marcos and acknowledged the positive spirit of the Filipino diaspora that proudly calls Australia home. Albanese referred to the Filipino community in Australia as people who are renowned for their generosity, hospitality and love of family, hard work and aspiration.

President Marcos is in Canberra for a two-day state visit, signifying greater collaboration for the two nations while building momentum on the new Philippines-Australia Strategic Partnership.

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The International Student Network Day

Let's Eat 🍢🍢


FCCVi transportation for ISND at Sunshine train station


We're all set and ready for our first International Students Networking Day of the year, tomorrow. We can't wait to see you all ✨️

For commuters, please plan your trip and remember to look out for FCCVi and Salakot vehicles at Sunshine Station on Saturday from 9am - 11am with placards in hand to take you to the ISND event.


With the safety and well-being of our FCCVi clients in mind, it's crucial to stay vigilant, avoid any activities that could potentially start a fire and be prepared. Please take extra precautions, stay indoors, if possible, especially those who are vulnerable to health risks.

Let's prioritize safety and take necessary measures to protect ourselves and our community.

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