Marithes Dumapias

Maria Theresa Dumapias


MARITHES DUMAPIAS graduated with a Degree in Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 1978. She is a Registered Nurse recognised by both in Philippine Regulation Commission and the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. Likewise, she passed the Heidelberg Austin Hospital Education and Training for Migrant Nurses in Australia

She have held positions in different hospitals here in Melbourne such as Theatre Nurse Medical ENT Nurse. At present, she is a Surgical Nurse, Nursing Surgical Division at the Sunshine Hospital

She has been involved with different communities in different capacities. Previously, she is the Secretary of the Executive Committee of the  Filipino Community Council of Victoria, Inc.

Cecille Wheare

Cecille Wheare


CECILLE WHEARE is a consultant and previously worked with Telstra Corporation for nearly 30 years, and currently in aged care industry. A caring and committed volunteer who has serve the community in various not for profit groups, in a number of roles in a volunteering capacity for over 25 years. She has been actively involved with FCCVI and PAFI for many years and her daughter was princess candidate. Passionate about community, enjoys working with everyone and is actively involved in many community groups.

  • Internal Auditor Filipino Community Council of Victoria
  • Ethnic Community Council of Victoria ECCV Committee Member
  • Vice President-Internal Filipino Community Council of Australia FILCCA, representing Victoria at the national level
  • President Movement for Filipino Solidarity
  • Past President United Filipino Elderly Group Springvale
  • Narre Warren Mechanics Hall City of Casey
  • Narre Warren North Fire Brigade Volunteer Social Committee
  • City of Casey Global Wall of Friendship Committee Member
  • Telstra Friend Volunteer Group Telstra Corporation
  • Director of Amores Wheare Foundation

Julieta Lambonao Uy

Julieta Lambonao Uy


B.S.P.A; M.P.A D.P.A (Phil.)

A former Locom as Settlement Worker at FCCVI during the incumbent's holidays, she is passionate over the community members' satisfaction of FCCVI's services, that even up to these days, Julie loves to volunteer her time with the community. Serving as the current FCCVI Secretary, she currently teaches young Filipino students for VCE courses at the Philippine Language School of Victoria, stressing importance of cultural values, history and language, and to live up to our migrants' usefulness to adopted country Australia.

Julie Uy, who graduated in Dr. of Public Administration, behind her busy time helping others in their problems in documentations, still attends to research works, music and dancing, assisting community support duties, being trained in many courses for the Geriatric services with FCCVI. She is also a former training grantee in dances and drama, with her knowledge in technology and electronics, considered vital in community services. Julie's motto is "Words form the life of man, so be discreet in speaking, and actions, show WHO you are."

 Ruth Roa

Ruth Roa


RUTH ROA is a medical scientist by profession. She graduated from Southwestern University in Cebu City with a Bachelor Degree in Medical Technology. She continued her studies in London, UK and worked in a London hospital for a number of years. Whilst there, she's involved in community work through the Filipino Chaplaincy. Aside from serving the Filipino community Ruth is also serving other communities as an active member of the Footscray Lions Club

In 2015, she founded the San Pedro Children's Home / orphanage in Davao, a facility for orphaned, neglected, disadvantaged and abused children San Pedro Children's Home

 Fe Galindo

Esperanza Galindo


ESPERANZA GALINDO graduated with a Degree in Bachelor of Science in Business Administrator major in Accounting. Was involved in the community as a Treasurer of FCCVI back 1980 for 4 years. And then an Assistant Treasurer from 2012 to 2015. Was an instrumental too in purchase of the Philippine House Building

  • A board member of PAFI from 2015 to 2017
  • A member of FEGTA for few years
  • Currently President of FEYA - Filipino Elderly & Youth Association Inc., since 2015

 Nida Schofield

Nida Schofield


NIDA SCHOFIELD graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education major in Mathematics from the Philippines at University of Eastern Philippines.

In 1986, she migrated to Australia and resided at Darwin for 9 years. She is very active volunteers in Darwin and get involved in different organization especially the Religious and Community organization. She was a Public Relations Officer in Filipino Community Council of Darwin.

She moved to Victoria in 1997 and she started volunteering in 1998. She became President of FILAMS, Convenor of the PAISANO group, Vice-President Filipino Women's Club and member of board Philippine Australia Foundation of Victoria, Inc. With her dedication and leadership capabilities, she was elected as Assistant Secretary in 2000 of the Filipino Community Council of Victoria, Inc. Previously, she served as Assistant Secretary of FCCVI from 2011-2013.

 Vincent Gomez Jimenez

Vincent Gomez Jimenez


VINCENT GOMEZ JIMENEZ an agriculturist by profession and graduated from the University of the Philippines at Los Banos Laguna with a Bachelor degree in Agriculture major in Animal Science specialized in Animal Nutrition. Vincent's work experiences in the Philippines includes: Farm manager/supervisor/nutritionist both in Poultry and Livestock operation, sales in both animal products and human consumer goods, and as a public servant in the LGU of the City of San Fernando, Pampanga

Vincent migrated to Australia with his wife Bernadette and his two chldren Stephen and Stephanie in 2011.

Vincent is an active member of the Tau Gamma Phi Fraternity from 1986 up to present. Tau Gamma Phi is a fraternity and a community service organization. In coordination with the Triskelion Alumni brothers from different colleges in the Philippines he serve as one of the organizer who established the TRISKELION ALUMNI ORGANIZATION (AUSTRALIA), guided by the words "SOLIDARITY IS OUR STRENGTH" and with the following objectives: Strengthen the brotherhood in a professional way support/assist migrant brothers and sisters in the Philippines and support the FCCVI for all its community services activities and programs. He is a member of the FCCVI's officers since 2013 to present.

Vincent is currently studying Nursing at THINK EDUCATION AUSTRALIA to equip himself with necessary skills and give appropriate nursing care to the ageing people and needy.

Vincent is currently the Union Representative at his workplace with the aim of attaining Fair working conditions and salary standardisation.


Sheila Marie Bagaoisan-Bangayan

Sheila Marie Bagaoisan-Bangayan


SHEILA MARIE BAGAOISAN-BANGAYAN is an AASW accredited Social Worker in Australia and registered Guidance Counsellor in the Philippines. She is a graduate of Master of Social Work from the RMIT University, and Certificate III in Aged Care in VICSEG New Futures Training in Melbourne.

She also holds a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences (major in Economics and Psychology) from the University of the Philippines Baguio, Master of Psychology from Saint Paul University Philippines, and Master of Guidance and Counselling from Cagayan State University.

She commenced her career as Guidance Counsellor and Part-time Psychology Instructor at the Medical Colleges of Northern Philippines (MCNP) and the International School of Asia and the Pacific (ISAP) for 11 years. Prior to migrating to Australia, she was with the Cagayan State University-Sanchez Mira Campus serving her hometown.

During her placement for her Social Work degree and while working in the aged care industry, she gained experience working with the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities in Victoria. She is passionate about making a positive change in serving the Filipino community and to actively involve in the advocacy against family violence and elder abuse, and the promotion of gender and development.

Laura Valdivia

Laura Valdivia


LAURA VALDIVIA migrated to Australia in 1989. Married with 3 children. Completed Bachelor in Fine Arts/ Interior Design in UST and worked for one year before deciding to take up nursing.

Completed Bachelor in Nursing in Trinity College and was trained in St Luke's Hospital. Worked in various hospitals and Nursing Homes in Melbourne. Has worked in the medical field since 1995 and continues to care for the elderly.

Joined FCCVI as Case Manager in 2017.

An advocate for the elderly.


The Filipino Community Council of Victoria, Incorporated (FCCVI) is a duly incorporated nonpolitical, non-stock, non-profit, benevolent and community service organization, established in 1988.

FCCVI is recognized as the umbrella body of the Filipino organizations in the State of Victoria. Its existence came about as a direct request from the Australia Government in the late 1980s through the then Minister of the Department of Immigration to be the primary contact in communicating and collaborating with individual Filipino organizations already mushrooming at a rapid rate during that period.

This captures the fundamental role and essence of FCCVI’s existence that is, as a mandated entity whose mission is to represent the Filipino community in Victoria and serve as an active partner of the Government and other mainstream agencies in providing information, support, and access to community and welfare services to as many constituents as possible who are of Filipino background.


Overview and Structure:

Filipino Community Council of Victoria, Inc. has two fundamental roles in the community – one, as the representative entity of the Filipino community organizations in Victoria and second, as an accredited ethno-specific aged care provider ensuring equitable access and utilization of aged care services of ageing  Filipino clients.  These  represents  the organizations  aims and objectives namely, Community Services and Aged Care Services.

Representative body of Filipino Community Organizations in Victoria:

The Filipino Community Council of Victoria, Inc is the umbrella body of the Filipino Organisations in Victoria and serves as the key organization to liaise, and advocate  with government agencies, mainstream agencies and other ethno-specific communities in Victoria.  It offers various services including information, advocacy, and referral, access to community and other support service, and community representation within the state of Victoria as well as, nationally.

The Filipino Community Council of Victoria is an official member of the Filipino Communities Council of Australia, Inc. (FILCCA), the National Peak Body Of Australia,   and also the Ethnic Communities Council of Victoria (ECCV) the peak body for Ethnic and Multicultural organisations in Victoria.

Accredited Ethno-Specific Aged Care Provider

For 20 years, Filipino Community Council of Victoria, Inc. maintains its status as a pioneer ethno-specific provider of community aged care services to Filipinos in Victoria, accredited and compliant to Commonwealth and State Community Care Standards.   These standards set out specific requirements and ensure certain mechanisms to be in place which cover governance, financial accountability, human resources, program management, service delivery, planning and policy implementation, occupational health and safety, commitment to the promotion of fundamental human rights principles such as autonomy, justice, beneficence and quality of life


The Filipino Community Council of Victoria, Inc. has two Core Programs  COMMUNITY SERVICES and AGED SERVICES:

Community Services

Funding grants and collaborative partnerships with various agencies and government departments as well as fund-raising activities, provide resources, support, and capacity to Filipino Community Council of Victoria, Inc. to continuously carry out programs and services for its member organizations and the entire Filipino community in Victoria.

The support of the Victorian Multicultural Commission (VMC), the Philippine Consulate Office,  various Federal and Victorian Departments,  the Minister of Health, Respite Connections, Carers’ Victoria, local councils, other ethnic communities have been instrumental to the ongoing success and  implementation of community projects and initiatives.



The Commonwealth Home Support Programme is an entry level home help program for older people who need some help with daily tasks to live independently at home and in the community.

FCCVI offers social support through its Social Support Groups (SSG). At present, we have four (4) organised Social Support Groups, two (2) in Footscray and two (2) in South Morang, and we are looking forward to form more groups throughout Victoria.

FCCVI provides socialisation through various social activities and friendly visits to reduce isolation, and opportunities to meet people who share common interests and culture. Transport services are also provided to SSG members.


The Home Care Packages are individually planned and coordinated community care services provided to older people with complex care needs over the age of 65, or those with disability, to live independently in their homes.

FCCVI uses a Consumer Directed Care (CDC) approach where clients have greater choice, flexibility and control over the types of care, and the delivery of those services.

Four levels of support:

  • Home Care Level 1 provides basic care needs
  • Home Care Level 2 provides low level care needs
  • Home Care Level 3 provides intermediate care needs
  • Home Care Level 4 provides high care needs

The types of services you can access under a home care package are based on your individual needs, and these are agreed between you and the provider. The services may include, but are not limited to:

  • Personal Care Assistance
  • Domestic Assistance
  • Home Maintenance and Modification
  • Gardening
  • Nursing Care
  • Allied Health and Therapy Services
  • Food Services
  • Social Support
  • Transport Services
  • Respite Care Services
  • Home Visitation
  • Equipment and Assistive Technology
  • Case Management

To access our CHSP and HCP services, you need to register with My Aged Care (MAC).  The registration process can be done online at www.myagedcare.gov.au, or call 1800 200 422.

You may also seek help from FCCVI staff with your MAC registration so you can be assessed for supports and services with our organisation.


The FCCVI Brokerage Program assists mainstream agencies in providing culturally responsive care to older adults as well as promotes continuity of care and a holistic approach in care delivery.

We provide the same services as with the Community Home Support and Home Care Package Programmes described above.

For more information visit:

Filipino Community Council of Victoria, Inc.
93 Cowper Street
Footscray VIC 3011
T (03) 9687 9011
F (03) 9687 9120

Email Address:

  • Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Home Care Packages (HCP) Programme - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Brokerage Program - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • General Information - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Official Website: https://filipinocommunitycouncilofvic.org.au