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Standard 2 - Ongoing assessment and planning with consumers

Consumer outcome

  • I am a partner in ongoing assessment and planning that helps me get the care and services I need for my health and wellbeing.

Organisation statement

  • The organisation undertakes initial and ongoing assessment and planning for care and services in partnership with the consumer. Assessment and planning has a focus on optimising health and wellbeing in accordance with the consumer’s needs, goals and preferences.


  • The organisation demonstrates the following:
  • assessment and planning, including consideration of risks to the consumer's health and wellbeing, informs the delivery of safe and effective care and services;
  • assessment and planning identifies and addresses the consumer’s current needs, goals and preferences, including advance care planning and end of life planning if the consumer wishes;
  • assessment and planning:
    • is based on ongoing partnership with the consumer and others that the consumer wishes to involve in assessment, planning and review of the consumer’s care and services; and
    • includes other organisations, and individuals and providers of other care and services, that are involved in the care of the consumer;
  • the outcomes of assessment and planning are effectively communicated to the consumer and documented in a care and services plan that is readily available to the consumer, and where care and services are provided;
  • care and services are reviewed regularly for effectiveness, and when circumstances change or when incidents impact on the needs, goals or preferences of the consumer.

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