Our Program:

  • Successful implementation of the YMCA Partnership with their activity between the Filipino Community Council of Victoria Inc. This entailed participation on few sessions of around 20 clients from FCCVI and 15 from the YMCA group. Activities held included Information sessions on healthy ageing, healthy eating as well as in the Multicultural week. Feedback from the participants and the manager was very good.
  • Planned Activity sessions were conducted as scheduled with the clients expressed satisfaction with the different activities conducted particularly with the light exercise and dances.
  • Friendly Visiting Program, clients who cannot attend SSG regularly are being visited by our volunteers regularly, who exchange conversation over cup of coffee or assist them in tasks such as preparing new menu, etc.
  • The women’s group with 8 clients have a group called “Sariling Atin”, goes out fortnightly for shopping, watch movie, have lunch together then visits their friends who are in the Nursing facilities, so far they have visited five (5) former SSG clients. Feedback received revealed that clients are happy to be visited and at the same time their families also expressed their gratitude for their visits.
  • Men’s group especially those who are isolated go out every few months or during special invitations for lunch/movie/attends forums or other functions such as the Philippine Independence, gardening activities etc.
  • Thirty of our active clients participated in a Computer/EAL class for more than a year now; some of them have graduated while others are still attending their classes regularly.
  • Some clients participated in the Garden Bed Program spearheaded by Inderdeep Thapar of the YMCA Derrimut, this is where they grow their own vegetables and harvest them too.
  • Staff and volunteers continuously upskilling their qualifications: 8 completed Cert III in Aged Care and at the same time (4) staff and volunteers are enrolled in Cert IV in Aged Care .
  • Staff and volunteers continuously upskilling their qualifications: 8 completed Cert III in Aged Care and at the same time (4) staff and volunteers are enrolled in Cert IV in Aged Care with expected completion by September 2014.
  • Information Sessions conducted during the regular SSG , topics discussed included: Falls Prevention, Importance of having vaccination (Fluvax & Pneumonia vaccines) Complaint Procedures, Confidentiality and Privacy, Measles Alert


  • Continuous partnership and collaboration with other local councils such as the Brimbank Council, Wyndham and Whittlesea and other service/health providers enabling our clients gather information that they can use with their daily living such as Healthy Eating, Positive Ageing, Diabetes and other kidney illnesses, Diversity Week/Multi-Cultural activities that enabled our clients to sing and dance with other
    CALD clienteles
  • SSG Coordinator/Assistant Coordinator completed CHCICS403A Conduct Individual Assessment
  • Continuous recruitment of volunteers to maintain ideal client – volunteer ratio.
  • Regular attendance of SSG Coordinator/Assistant Coordinator in the SSG Coordinators Network Meetings that enabled sharing and exchange of ideas and experience on each other’s Social Support Group.
  • Regular meeting with volunteers/volunteer drivers
  • Regular Team meetings as well as the Sub Committee Meetings in which the SSG Coordinator and the Assistant are members.

Some narrative feedback of clients about what the Filipino SSG has done for them:

One client who moved to Melbourne from New Zealand stays with daughter but is left at home most of the time was referred for SSG and this is what she says:

  • “I am very happy to have been part of the Filipino SSG (Damayan Group) it enabled me to meet fellow Filipino elderlies where I can chat, dance, sing, eat with them, attend to some Filipino functions like the Phil. Fiesta and Independence Ball. It is also my chance to go out, wear the clothes that I have not worn which gave me the feeling that even if I have aged I still believed and feel that my self-esteem is there"

Another client who every time SSG has visitors she would always brag what the Filipino SSG (Damayan) has done for her. Quoting what she says:

  • “I have found a family who welcomed and accepted me, if not for SSG I may have not overcome my feelings of isolation or depression, since I came from Brisbane and moved to Melbourne not having friends except for my daughter whom I have lived temporarily. Today I would say I was even given the task to teach my fellow elderly a dance that we would be performing during our Christmas in July. This gave me a feeling that I can still do something not only for myself but for others as well”.